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Excellence. Integrity. Passion.

In a competitive and changing marketplace, clients need consultants who can adapt real-time advice to the shifting landscape of regulation, technology and business.

We are passionate about delivering practical solutions to complex challenges and providing our clients with the assurance that their needs are met at every stage of the process.

Our high-calibre consultants deliver results, keeping the focus on the business challenges and objectives.

Our consulting and technology capabilities span market conduct, IT outsourcing processes, cost savings, analytics and digital transformation.

For over 20 years our focus has been on client relationships built on trust.

Our Services

Business & Technology Transformation

We Make Change Happen

Thinking Bigger to Transform Business and Technology

Do you need to lead or manage your organisation’s business or technology transformation programmes and projects but lack the knowledge, experience and expertise to get the right team on board?

Not all change management professionals have a reputation for delivery excellence, 32T are different. Our Delivery Specialists are experienced leaders and practitioners, and we are renowned for delivering high-performing global transformation programmes.


Let 32T support your transformation so that you can focus on what’s most important: Delivering successful outcomes for your clients. We can take away your transformation pain by guiding you through everything from early-stage strategy and business case development to delivering solutions.

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Our Services

Regulatory Compliance

Turning Risk into Opportunity

Stop reflecting on the rules and regulations and start delivering

Managing enterprise-level regulatory compliance initiatives are deeply rooted in the demands and daily difficulties of keeping in line with the ever-changing regulatory landscape. Actual regulatory change is wrapped up in endless reflection and reviews that rehash rules and provide complicated roadmaps that don’t always equal effective compliance.

32T are dedicated to delivering regulatory initiatives; Our experts simplify how you handle regulatory delivery projects, allowing you to quickly find a way to deliver results that meet the rules and regulations and offer opportunities to enhance your business.

The benefit of working with 32T is that we know what works. Our in-depth knowledge from past projects acts as a channel to finding the best way to deliver, helping reduce project execution time without worrying about being compliant.

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Our Services

ESG Integration

Common Sense. Outstanding Results.

Making ESG Deliver

Too Many Stakeholders. Endless Committees. Different Departments. No Technology Fits All, And The Deadlines Are Always Real. The Definition And Delivery Of ESG Processes Can Be Overwhelming.

32T Helps Break Down Departmental Silos, Align Data And Drive Consensus, Saving Clients Time And Money.

We Provide A Structured Cross-Functional Approach To ESG Issues: From Assessing ESG Challenges To Delivering ESG Strategies, Let Us Ensure You Have Access To Reliable People And Technology. Our Experience Can Help You Thrive In A World Of Change.

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Our Services

Business Process Management

Simplifying Business Processes

Organisations evolve. Processes change. We help you adapt and thrive.

Businesses need effective workflow and business process management solutions to compete in their market. Many blame their technology for their inability to solve these problems.

32t believe that technology is not always the problem. Businesses struggling with this issue are suffering from a need for more organisational understanding and knowledge of how to integrate technology effectively.

Our team of experts combines domain experience with technical expertise to enable organisations to realise the value achieved through improved organisational performance and efficient workflow and business process management.

32T can help your business understand where its current processes could be improved and deliver clear recommendations and next steps to create lasting change within your business.

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Our Services

Operational readiness

Explore the Possibilities!

Better Performance. Better Experience. Better Results.

Implementing new systems, services or procedures. is a hard job that requires flexibility and adaptability, and in a changing business environment, there is an ever-present threat of introducing additional operational risk.

Delays or failure can be incredibly damaging, both to reputation and productivity: new software or services require time and resource investment but often lead to outages, glitches and general ineffectiveness.

32T builds on your existing expertise and experience to ensure the successful implementation of new systems, services and procedures. We bring both project management and technical expertise to ensure you have a partner who delivers the right solutions so you can focus on your business goals.


We help you get the right people doing the right things in the right way. Ultimately, this leads to more satisfied clients and more effective performance at every level of your business.


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Our Services

Change Delivery

Delivering real-world change

Level up your change delivery team.

Change management programmes can be disruptive, challenging and costly; how do you ensure your change programmes deliver better business outcomes? Do you have the right delivery team?

Getting the right people for the job is the most important requirement for a successful programme.

32T is a leading IT services firm. Quickly and effectively delivering change. We accelerate the implementation of your technology, business, operations and people programmes. Our delivery expertise across the complete change lifecycle enables rapid return on investment for our clients. To


That all starts with our practitioners. They, combined with unique capabilities and a wide breadth of experience in delivering change, help us deliver exceptional results for organisations as they seek to grow and transform.


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