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32T Philosophy

We asked our clients their main reasons for selecting 32T in a marketplace where so much choice exists.

Clients cited the following:

Common-sense approach

32T, is a management and technology consultancy dedicated to the financial services industry, providing highly experienced practitioners who are focused on delivery and guided by a common-sense approach to delivering services to our clients.

Outcome based delivery model

Combining innovative thinking with detailed industry experience we offer clients project delivery expertise, technology integration services and transformation delivery. We believe in an outcome-based delivery model that promotes positive change to drive organisations forward.

Partnership and transparency

Working in partnership with our clients we focus on creating manageable, controlled and transparent delivery projects that deliver results which in turn enables our clients to increase revenue, manage risk, deliver regulatory change and reduce costs.

Proven track record leaving lasting legacy

32T has a proven track record of effectively integrating with existing client teams and other vendors engaged by our clients, our focus is serving our clients to ensure what’s best for them, by providing a greater emphasis on the depth of subject matter expertise and working hard to transfer knowledge back to our clients, our aim is to always deliver sustainable results and leave a lasting legacy long after our engagement ends.

Competitive pricing model

Our combined experience and well-established credibility in Programme leadership, Governance and delivery execution is backed by thousands of days on the frontline of providing programme, project and PMO delivery over the last 20+ years, this experience ensures we are able to bring the most effective tools and practices to enable our clients to achieve success.

We offer tailored, practical consulting support, at a competitive price, backed by significant financial services domain expertise which enables 32T to support our customers continuously evolving requirements to deliver change.

Finally, many clients commented on our honesty and desire to only engage when certain we could deliver the project successfully. If we do not believe we can deliver the desired results, we tell our clients

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